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premed Toronto Canada postbac prerequisites
premed Toronto Canada postbac prerequisites
Pre-medical and postbaccalaureate student success
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McMaster University Medical School,Canada​​​​
  • John completed 2 prerequisite courses with us was accepted into University of Alberta School of Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Sasketchewan, and Dentistry and McMaster University Medical School. 

Queen's University School of Medicine, Canada​​​
  • Hassan completed his prerequisite courses with us and was accepted into Queen's University School of Medicine, Canada and into St. George University School of Medicine with a USD 80,000 scholarship.
​​University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry​​​
  • Nazanin  completed prerequisite with us. ​

University of Southern California School of Dentistry, Los Angeles, USA
  • Paris completed  prerequisite with us.

  California School of Podiatric Medicine, USA
  • ​Nadia completed a short postbaccalaureate program with us.

   Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences USA
  • Lawrence  completed prerequisite with us. 

  College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences USA
  • Sima and Ahmad completed prerequisite with us.

​   ​​
   James Cook University College of Medicine and Dentistry
  • Aneesha completed prerequisite and a short postbac with us and was accepted into James Cook University College of Medicine and Dentistry and Western Sydney University School of Medicine

   Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland - Medical University of Bahrain​​
  • Amal completed prerequisite with us.

​  The School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Sheffield
  • Shanav  completed prerequisite with us. 

  University of Szeged School of Medicine
  • Rufat completed a short postbaccalaureate with us.

  Queen's  University Belfast, Ireland, University of Sarajevo Medical School
  • Azadeh BM completed prerequisites with us.

  Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Ogechi completed prerequisites with us.

   Dental School, UAE
  •  Aus took was part of our predental program

​   ​​
  Transfer of 90 credits into BSc 3rd year D'Youville College, NY, USA
  • Nayan  completed our premedical program with us and was accepeted into Mount Aloysius College and D'Youville College where he transfered into the third year with USD 12,000 scholarship. ​
  • Attillio completed our 90 credit premdical program and was accepted into 3rd year of D'Youville College's BSc.
  • Claudine completed our 90 credit program and transfered into 3r year Mount Aloysius' BSc.

​   ​​   Ross University School of Medicine
  • Sarah completed prerequisite courses with usand  was accepted into Ross University withThe Canadian Scholarship USD 6,000 per semester for first four semesters and with the Dean’s academic merit scholarship USD 3,000 for a total of USD 27,000 and USD 40,000 in grants.
  • Anita completed prerequisites with us and was accepted into Ross U with Dean’s Merit Scholarship USD10,000 and Canadian Founder Scholarship USD 24,000.
  • Kalkidan took courses from our postbaccalaureate program and was accepted into Ross University with the USD25,000 Alumni Legacy Scholarship and $500 book scholarship.
  • Vipizha  completed prerequisite with us.
  • ​Diana completed prerequisites with us. She obtained 2 prestigious scholarshipps from SGU and Ross University value of USD134,800
  • Isabel completed prerequisites with us and received a first semester full scholarship of USD 22,345.
  • Aysha completed prerequsites with us.
  • Niroshan completed prerequisites with us.
  • Divya completed prerequisites with us
  • Amna completed prerequisites with us.
  • Hina completed a short postbaccalaureate program with us.
  • Fariha completed prerequisites with us.
  • Himika completed prerequisites with us.
​   ​​  St. George’s University School of Medicine
  • Kristyn completed her prerequisites with us and was accepted into St. George’s U with a USD 45,000 scholarship, Ross U with a USD 21,500 scholarship, and American University of the Caribbean. She received the Sir John Cox Scholarship of USD 120,000.​
  • Isabella completed prerequisite with us and was accepted into St. George’s University with a USD 64,000 scholarship and into Ross University with a USD 24,000 scholarship.
  • Jin completed his prerequisite with us and was accepted into St. George’s U  with the 80,000 USD Chancellor’s Circle Legacy of Excellence Scholarship (CCLOE) and a free trip to Grenada and into Ross U  with the Chancellor’s Academic Achievement Award and the Canadian Founder Scholarship award for a total of USD 73,000.
  • ​Logan completed prerequisite with us and was accepted into St. George's University  with a $54,000 scholarship.
  • Radu completed  pre-requisites with us and was accepted into St. George’s University with two scholarships valued at USD 45,000
  • Gabriel  completed a postbaccalaureate program with us and was accepted into St. George’s U  with a USD 54,000 scholarship.
  • Olufunke  completed prerequisite  with us and was accepted into St. George's University with $43,000 scholarship, Ross U and American University of the Caribbean. 
  • ​Ahlam completed  prerequisites with us and was accepted into St. George’s University School of Medicine with the prestigious Global Medicine Scholarship.
  • Alexa completed prerequisites with us and received a USD 54,000 scholarship from SGU and the Chancelor academic achievement Scholarship of USD 22,345 from Ross 
  • Priscilla completed our 90 credit premedical program.  
  • Baturay  completed our 90 credit premedical program. 
  • ​Wirda completed our 90 credit premedical program.
  • Mahrukh complete our 90 credit premedical program. 
  • Diana completed prerequisite courses with us.
  • Ryan completed our 90 credit premedical program.
  • Sushanth completed our 90 credit premedical program.
  • Leor completed a short postbaccalaureate with us.
  • Kimya completed her prerequisite courses with us.
  • Erfan completed our 90 credit diploma program.
  • Pearl  ​completed prerequisite courses with us.
  • Dante completed prerequisites and a short postbac with us.
  • Nithin completed our 90 credit premedical program.
  • Michael completed our 90 credit premedical program.

​   ​​  St. George’s University School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Tania completed a 90 credit program with us. 

 American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine
  • ​​Chidinma completed prerequisite  with us was accepted into St. George’s University School of Medicine with USD 54,000 International Peace Scholarship and into American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine.​​


  Saba University School of Medicine
  • Mian completed prerequisites with us and was accepted into St. George’s University, AUA with a USD 25,000 scholarship, Saba University, and Medical University of the Americas. 
  • Chukwuemeka completed prerequisites with us and received a USD 12,000 scholarship from Saba. He was also accepted in AUA with a USD 25,000 scholarship.
​   ​  ​​
  Medical University of Americas​​
  • Juwairiyah completed prerequisites with us.
  • Ifra completed prerequisites with us.
  • Joseph completed prerequisites with us.
  • Acemark completed prerequisite with us.
  • Olufisayo completed  prerequisite  with us.
  • Ishai completed prerequisites and a short postbac with us.
  • Cristo completed prerequisites and a short postbac with us.
  • ​Dharav completed prerequisite courses with us.
  University of Medicine and Health Sciences St. Kitts​​
  • Arooj completed our pre-med program and was accepted into UMHS St. Kitts with USD 1,000 scholarship and into American University of Antigua with a USD 20,000 scholarship.​
  • Justin  completed prerequisite with us.
  • Aman completed prerequisite with us. 
  • Ryan completed prerequisites  with us.
  • Sara completed prerequisite with us.
  • Ajayvir completed our 90 credit premed diploma program.
  • ​Florence completed prerequisite with us
  • ​Hina completed our 90 credit premed  program.
  • Zainab completed our 90 credit premed program.
  • La-Reine completed a short postbac with us and prerequisites

   American University of Antigua College of Medicine
  • Suhyun an international student from South Korea completed our 92 credit pre-medical program and received a USD 25,000 scholarship from American University of Antigua.
  • Jacinda completed prerequisite with us and was accepted into American University of Antigua  with a USD 25,000 scholarship
  • Nadia completed prerequisite with us and was accepted into American University of Antigua  with a USD 20,000 scholarship.
  • Razina completed prerequisite with us and was accepted into American University of Antigua with the Canadian Scholar Award of USD 20,000
  • Paige completed prerequisites courses with us.
  • Tatiana took postbaccalaureate courses with us.
  • Gurdeep took a short postbaccalaureate program with us.
  • Chris completed his prerequisite  with us.
  • ​Larah completed prerequisite  with us.
  • Rahul completed a short postbaccalaureate program with us.

   Xavier University School of Medicine
  • Sheldon took postbaccalaureate courses with us.
  • Muhammad completed prerequisite courses with us.
  • Liron completed prerequisite courses with us.

​​   St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine

  • Han completed a 92 credit program with us and was an international student from Taiwan. He was accepted into St. Matthew's University and AUA with a USD 20,000 scholarship. 
  • Chayapol joined us from Thailand to complete a 90 credit pre-medical diploma.
  • ​​Syeda completed her 90 credits pre-medical diploma with us. 
  • Jacqueline took postbaccalaureate courses with us.
  • Syed completed a  90 credit pre-medical diploma program with us.
  • Paul completed a 90 credit premed diploma program with us. 

St. Matthew’s University School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Sanya completed a 92 credit program with us and was a
Pre-med and postbaccalaureate students’ testimonials

"Dear Drs. Silverman: I love the website and happy to see myself in your alumni list. Wish you all happiness and great days as well as joy helping all these students grow their talents." Best,Nazanin- Detroit Mercy Dentistry

"Drs Lorelei and Rosalind Silverman Words can not express my gratitude to the both of you. Coming to Canada 2 years ago to pursue my dream, you not only helped me as my teachers, but also went above and beyond what was expected. Staying up night to help not only me but others, your dedication is not only impressive but inspiring. Your constant belief in me is humbling and I will do my best not to dissapoint you. From Your evrgrateful student," Zainab-med school

"The pre-medical programs offered are a wonderful option for high school, college, and university students. The deans of the program are extremely passionate about seeing their students succeed. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in pursuing a medical career, or pursuing residency and post MD exams. Pearl-SGU medical student

"I am pleased to inform you that I have been accepted into the doctor of medicine program at SGU for jan 2018. Thank you very much for all you have done helping me throughout the application process. I cannot thank you enough." Dante

"Excellent program for students interested in a pre-med and postbac, as well as prerequisite courses" Anwar premed student

"Excellent academic institution for post-bac and graduate school prep, top notch service and expertise" 

"We express our profound gratitude. Your daughter from another parent, got admitted to med school, through your efforts and motherly advice. We are indeed grateful,, May God bless you abundantly.We look forward to her (Zainab) realizing her dream and be exceptionally grateful to you forever.We remain grateful to you! Thanks," Funke
"Great institute for post-baccalaureate and pre-med students" Alisha MSc

"The best medical school admission program in North America." Peng

"Fantastic people, friendly environment and professional help." Dr. Ehsan N

"Once again, thank you both for all of your help and guidance. All the Best", Dante SGU

"I just received an email this morning confirming the scholarship ! I can’t thank you enough for all your help! Thank you so much Dr. Silverman ! I am so excited !!! Thanks again for all your help !!  I can't thank you enough for all what you have done for me this past year. I find you both truly onspiring and I couldn't be more grateful for the both of yu dedicating your lives to helping people like myself achieve their dreams! I have learned so much from teh both of you and I can hoestly  say I could not have done this without you! I will be using  your wisdom  and advice (80%=success) throughout my journey in medicine. Wishing you both agood health and a propserpous new Year!"Alexa-SGU student

"Hi Drs.Silverman, I got an offer of admission from James Cook University today!!!!!! Yay!!! Thank you both for everything you have done for me. Love you both!!!" I really enjoyed working with both Dr.Lori and Dr.Rosalind Silverman. They have been amazing mentors and have always encouraged me throughout my journey. They were always there to help and support me whenever I needed them. Drs. Silverman helped me accomplish my dream of studying medicine in Australia. I am extremely thankful to both Dr.Rosalind and Dr.Lori Silverman for all their love, support and guidance. Thank you so much!!!  Aneesha -med student

"Just got my acceptance, thank you so much for everything you did for me! Happy New Year!" Sanya vet student

"Thank you for all your care, guidance, effort and support. My family thanks you as well. I will forever keep in touch."Fariha-Ross med school

"Hello Dr. Silverman, Thank you! All of my success in this journey is all thanks to your guidance, your program, and commitment to attend to each student's needs individually. I will forever be grateful for how positively you have impacted my life and will continue to in my future endeavours. You and your sister are incredible mentors. Here is my picture attached, please let me know if there are any other ways I can help or contribute! Pearl

"Ive got accepted into the MD program of January term 2018. I just wanted to thank you for all of your supports and helps throughout the whole process.Thank you so much for all of your support and assistance."Dora

"I just wanted to thank you for all the help and hours of work and energy you have spent in helping me achieve my goal. I am extremely grateful to you for helping me get to this path. I cant thank you enough. I hope everything is great with you. and I would love to keep in touch with you. I look at both of you as my mentors and have the utmost respect and admiration. Vipizha 

"The most notable aspect of working with the Silverman's was not just the education, but more importantly the counselling and advice I received from them.  Their unrestricted commitment to my success in obtaining admission to St. George's University and receiving a significant scholarship has been both impressive and appreciated. Their knowledge of the admission process for medical school is unparalleled. I encourage all aspiring medical students to seek out their services." Sincerely, Logan  

"Dear Drs. Silverman: Thank you for all you have done for me. Although I may not say thank you nearly enough to both of you, I appreciate all you have done. I loved my time in your program and wish it could have lasted longeer, but as always I will be backfor your help and guidance again in the future. I really appreciate all your kindness. Thank you again. You two make dreams come true! Love, Kristyn

"Drs Silverman: A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart. We as a family wanted to thank you for being exceptional instructors and advisors. You always go the extra mile, and all of your efforts are appreciated. Love Kristyn and the D family"

"Drs. Silverman are  amazing professors having completed so many tremendous things throughout their lifetime. Being the Dean of the premedical program and helping hundreds of students strive in the medical career, they give students the confidence and knowledge that is needed in order to become successful physicians". Atila, premed student
"This is Hina, your former student. I hope everything is going well at your end. I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for me. I will be going to Ross at the end of April. I hope that we can still keep in touch throughout the coming years. Once again, thank you for being my guidance to medical school."

" Dr.Silverman i got accepted into the dentistry program. Thank you for everything You have taught me a lot. I'm sorry i couldn't make it to say goodbye everything was last minute. I wish all the best for your pre-medical program. aus-dentistry UAE

" Thank you for all that you do for us and the rest of the students. We appreciate it a lot.I really would like to take a moment to thank-you for all the hard work and effort you put in for us. I am delighted to have worked with you! There are not a lot of people who see potential  and drive in others in today’s world, but you two sisters do that. Not just for me, but for the many you have helped/helping/and will help. I can affirm to the fact that amongst the list of people whom I need to make proud, you stand at top and I will put in all the effort to do so.Ace and I will drop by to personally thank you before heading off. Mian 

“After attending just one Models of Human Disease workshop at the University of Toronto back in 2012, I was astonished at the determination and passion Dr. Lorelei and Dr. Rosalind Silverman had for helping those interested in pursuing medicine as a career. As I attended more and more workshops, I noticed whether there were high school students, undergraduates, graduates, or foreign medical graduates, Drs. Silverman knew the exact step by step strategies required to ensure a successful path for every individual. From course selection, resume building, personal statement development and all the way to interview day preparation, the consulting service is truly outstanding! After hearing about the opening of the premed program, I attended the open house and was immediately interested in applying for the program. The MCAT and USMLE focused curriculum were exactly what I needed as a premed! The program not only prepared me academically for medical school, but also allowed me to engage in many extracurricular activities that have helped develop my leadership skills. In addition, the program provided me the opportunity to get involved with with two teaching positions. After completing the accelerated track and being the recipient of the President’s Award, I was admitted to St. George’s University School of Medicine. Without a doubt, the one on one academic support and continuous guidance of Drs. Silverman were a major factor on my success. I would recommend this program and the consulting services of Drs. Silverman to any ambitious individual looking to pursue medicine.”Erfan 

I flew in last night from California and received the phone call this afternoon that I was accepted!!! I am very excited and grateful for the help and guidance I have received from the both of you. I will be stopping by next week to touch base on things. Thank you for everything!! Larah

“Thank you so much for all of your help – without you I would have never dreamed of being able to pursue this dream. I will always be grateful for helping me through this process. It means the world to me!”Divyia 

"Thank you for your endless support, guidance and generosity. Your support and advice means a lot to me. Will keep in touch and updated on how things progress with my medical career. Best wishes,” Rahul 
“I am so excited for my next journey and I could not have achieved it without you, my deepest thank you.”Isabella
"Thank you for working so hard to accommodate our needs. I can only respect and admire such drive, which is solemnly for students success. The gratitude cant be expressed in words. DS, pre-medical program student"

"God bless you for all the hard work, dedication, and time you guys put into this program. I seriously have never met such strong driven and supportive individuals. Ahlam,  pre-medical program"

"I would like to thank you for all the help/support you have been providing me. Jinyuan -St George’s University and Ross University with the highest scholarship"

 “I just want to thank you and your sister for all of the hard work that you put into helping your students achieve academic success . I am proud to be your graduate and I wish you and all the other students the best of success in the future”.

“I wanted to let you know I’ve been accepted to AUA!!!! I was told just this evening, and you and your sister were on my list of the first few people knowing. I want to thank you for all hard work you and your sister have done for me. I am eternally grateful!Best regards, Razina”

"I used to attend your Free Medical school workshop at UofT about 2 years ago, or so. Your tips on writing personal statements, and the talks with admission directors of various foreign universities, as well as with people who gained admission into medical school has been extremely helpful. I have since been admitted to Ross University School of Medicine, and I am getting ready to write my USMLE Step 1 before the end of the year.  Your program was instrumental in motivating and and helping me with my application process and I would like to continue being involved with any upcoming programs that you might have."

"Thank you for everything, I had a great time in your program!" Nazanin 

"Congratulations on the Pre medical program!!! I wish it was around when I was trying to get into medical school. I also noticed that you had a course “From IMG to Employment” and I was wondering if I could get more information on that. I will soon be an IMG so I am sure it will be beneficial. Also, I remember you both mentioning the importance of research and the possibility of getting some with Models of Human Disease and I was really hoping this is still being offered. Once again, thank you for your constant commitment to helping aspiring and future physicians into the field of medicine. I am even more happy that the passion has been extended to other fields like Law and Dentistry. Please keep up the good work. We are truly grateful. Onyeka O."

"I would like to congratulate you for your successful pre-med program and acceptance of its prerequisites by McGill is a great news. Regards,” Usman , pre-medical student UTSC"

"I have really found all the seminars very helpful and informative. Mini med school summer camp sounds amazing and I must congratulate you on all the progress that the premed college has achieved so far! I believe that it will be an outstanding program. Regards, Syeda, pre-medical program"

“Dr. Lorelei and Dr. Rosalind, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you both for believing in me and being part of the beginning of my new journey. A students dream is born by the encouraging behaviour received from mentors and teachers and both of you have been an aid in mine! I am forever thankful for your help! I know it takes a lot to do what you both do and you are both forever in my prayers. May God give you both and your families great health always and bless you with eternal happiness for everything you do for others! The way I pray for my own parents, I will always pray for you both”. Amal Mehad

 “Thank you very much for the opportunity to join your program. I sincerely appreciate all the guidance, phenomenal teaching, time, patience, and effort you have put in these past months for me. You had a profound impact on me as a person and have constantly believed in my intelligence. I will try my best to make you proud at UMHS.”Ajayvir
“I just wanted to let you know that I just got accepted to AUA! Thank you very much for your help! You are the most hardworking and sincere people I have ever met. “Arooj
"I am now going to med school!I would like to thank you for help and your dedication to students like myself. All thanks goes to you! I couldn't have done it without all your help. May God continue to bless you as you continue to give students like myself the opportunity to reach their full potential". Florence 
“Thank you for everything you have taught me this semester. Working with you has taught me several skills and lessons that will be with me for a life-time. It means a great deal that you put in time and effort in mentoring me and guiding me through the path of learning. Even though my science engagement placement is now complete, I was hoping I could come assist either of you at the college and for the Models of Human Disease conference in any capacity possible. This placement was truly a great learning experience. Regards” Alisha Bhimani, Service learning and outreach placement student from UTSC" 

“Congratulations on getting approval for your pre-medical program! So it is one year long and students will take prerequisite life science courses? You’re going to make a significant difference in the lives of many hopeful pre-meds. Your support means so much to me and I will always endorse you and help out with your inspiring initiatives as much as I can!” Morrison, alumni U of Toronto St George, medical student 

“We so desperately need one of these pre-medical programs in Toronto. There is nothing anywhere like this that I am aware of. Even your line up or courses for premed is better than the average curriculum! Wish this was an option when I first started as it might of helped in the sciences! Where was this program for me! I have to say your news is so exciting and I am so happy for you! Congratulations” Mima, alumni U of Toronto Scarborough, medical student

“That’s amazing news about the partnership with the new pre-med program! I wish it existed when I first starting taking my pre req courses.” Anita Mohan, pre-med student

“I want to congratulate on your exceptional hard work. Honestly, your dedication, commitment, and hard work is inspiring and motivating for myself and I know many others. I’m so amazed by how much you both have done within a year, you both are truly blessed and I pray for it to be everlasting. Thanks so much!” Ahlam Bawazer, pre-medical student

“I want to congratulate you on the agreement being signed with St. George. This is great news. Your hardwork and dedication has got all of us this far.  All the praise and glory to you for achieving such an accomplishment.” Dev,  pre-medical student

“Congrats and kudos to your innovative program that just might change the medical college path for young people in North America. Best Regards,” Lubna

” I wish you both congratulations on the pre-medical program. I wanted to thank you both for the support you both had provided me. Without the valuable experiences and mentorship you offered me through the Science Engagement program from UTSC in 2011, it would not have set the foundation for where I have come today. So therefore, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your support, and the impact you both have had on me years later. Best Regards,” Amanda B

“Your  spontaneous disposition and brilliant insights on this whole process are so valuable to all.  I’m learning so much & truly enjoy listening to you as a speaker…you give from the heart. I was impressed with Ross and St. George’s U.  If my son is accepted by Royal Crown Academy, would he be interviewed by these affiliated medical schools? Perhaps this new program you & your sister are navigating will act as a catalyst. Sincerely, Rita

“I did look at the premed program. And my god you are onto something here. We so desperately need one of these program’s in Toronto. There is nothing anywhere like this that I am aware of. Even your line up or courses for premed is better than the average curriculum! The only thing I could recommend and this maybe already covered in the medical terminology class is Latin! Wish this was an option when I first started as it might of helped in the sciences! Where was this program for me lol! Major congratulations! Well deserved! I have to say your news is so exciting and I am so happy for the two of you! What ajourney! Congratulations,” Mima, medical student

“It’s great news to hear that the program  is developing so well!I have a 5 year teaching/tutoring background and would like to have the opportunity to teach one of the labs, please let me know about any updates. Kind regards, Theodora, pre-med student 

Medical schools and biomedical professionals testimonials

“Congratulations, that is a wonderful achievement is such a short time! Bob Ryan, Associate Dean for Enrollment Planning, USS on behalf of St. George’s University, Grenada, West Indies

“Hi Dr. Silverman This is wonderful news. Thank you. Sincerely,” Tom Harkness Director of Admissions– Canada/International Ross University

“Dear Dr. Silverman, It was indeed a pleasure to see you again and to start a new relationship. Thanks again for all that you do. Best Regards.” Dr. Gary Brar, Director of Admission, American University of Barbados School of Medicine

“Drs Silverman: Thank you very much for your e-mail and the initiatives that you are creating. Sincerely”, Irene P. Garcia, Admissions Coordinator for Canada, Xavier University School of Medicine

“Congratulations on all your success- this looks like a great resource to young doctors in training!”  Kyle Pahapill Marketing Manager, Cedarlane Canada

“Congratulations on your excellent work in the pre-medical program. You are featured in the magazine: Celebrating 50 Years: York University Faculty of Science. Thank you for your support of LSO and I hope you will continue to participate in future LSO Events. Best regards,” Richard Narayansingh, Medical and scientific consultant

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