Courses for IMGs​​
Medical Education Advising offers many courses aimed at helping IMGs reach their career aspirations either by matching in their chosen field or obtaining a rewarding alternative career in health care or pharmaceutical industry. 

Residency exam preparation-onsite and skype

1. MCCEE, MCQE1, MCCQE2, SIPPA, CAP prep courses

2. NAC-OSCE prep course and mock

USMLE Step1, Step 2 CK and CS, Step 3 prep courses

4. CASPer
Innovative, modular, personalized, low student:instructor ratio,  pay-as-you-go courses aimed at obtaining the highest scores!

From IMG to employment course- ​International Medical Graduates Bridge program to healthcare professions in partnership with affiliated colleges and universities
We are the only institution in Canada and the USA to offer the course “From IMG to employment”. We offer personalized CVs and cover letter services, job search strategy coaching, referrals to employers, and courses to prepare you for a variety of rewarding careers that employ your  medical degree.

We offer 10 certificates (onsite and online) in partnership with our affiliated accredited colleges:
1. Clinical research certificate (Co-op and internship with case 
management practicum and hospitals)
2. Translational and biomedical research certificate (Co-op)
3. Teaching dossier for health care professions certificate (Co-op)
4. Medical liaison certificate
5. Pharmaceutical sales certificate
6. Bioinformatics/Data Management in healthcare certificate Co-op)
7. Healthcare NGO fundraising certificate (Co-op)
8. Health care management certificate (Co-op)
9. Regulatory affairs in pharmaceutical industry certificate
Cost $588
Duration of course- 64 instruction hours
Letters of reference and Co-op internship

10. Telemedicine

Download application here

Short certificates

ICH GCP (Good Clinical Practice) certificate
Duration-1 day           Cost $99

Communication for health care professionals
Duration -1 day           Cost $99

Immigrant Access Fund can help you pay for your courses taken to obtain your license.
NACOSCE, MCCEE, MCCQE USMLE , clinical research CASPer courses for IMG Toronto Canada
CDM class
NACOSCE, MCCEE, MCCQE USMLE , clinical research CASPer courses for IMG Toronto Canada
NAC-OSCE class
NACOSCE, MCCEE, MCCQE USMLE , clinical research CASPer courses for IMG Toronto Canada
NACOSCE, MCCEE, MCCQE USMLE , clinical research CASPer courses for IMG Toronto Canada
NACOSCE, MCCEE, MCCQE USMLE , clinical research CASPer courses for IMG Toronto Canada
NACOSCE, MCCEE, MCCQE USMLE , clinical research CASPer courses for IMG Toronto Canada
Clinical research certificate award day
Our clinical research graduates found jobs in hospitals, complex case management companies, pharmaceutical industry, and CRO.

Reading medical literature, writing clinical observations and clear instructions, listening to patients’ concerns, communicating effectively with patients are core skills that IMGs need to prove they possess in English language. Our courses will help you not only reach a great score for residency matching but also learn language skills that will last you a life time and will help you build your medical practice. The TOEFL/IELTS course will be based on practice exam questions and test taking strategies that are specific for IMG students. Using proven strategies we will help you obtain greater scores in all four skills of the official exams. 

Physician shadowing and observership courses 
This course is designed to offer shadowing and observership opportunities, insight into the clinical aspects of the medical profession for students and integration in the Canadian health care system for IMGs.
Under the guidance of a clinician students and IMGs explore a series of clinical areas, get exposed to the collaborative nature of the health care profession, and present their experience in a final poster day presentation. This course offers important professional networking opportunities.

Testimonials exam prep courses

"The psychiatry course was excellent and very informative. The instructor was wonderful and made the material very enjoyable! I really look forward to attending his upcoming courses." Dr. Irena, Serbia

"Thank you for all the support and encouragement. Dr. Fatiha Bangladesh-QE1

" It was very high yield, topics were excellent" Dr. M S- Iran

Thank you so much for this certificate Dr. Silverman. I really appreciate your help and hardwork. I would also like to thank you for organizing the workshop today. It was very helpful. You both always go extra lengths to help others. May God bless you both :) Aisha, MD from Pakistan

"Many thanks to Dr. N & Medical Education Advising for his teachings and their dedication in their quest to help me pass the seemingly unconquerable QE1. With his teachings and guidance and my dedication and inherent persistence, I have finally conquered QE1 after 5 previous failed attempts!! If I can do it, so can you, persevere!" Dr.I, MD from Trinidad

"I would like to thank you, Dr. N, for helping me in preparation for my exams and CDM cases. You have excellent teaching skills and up to date knowledge. You are a great teacher and I had a great learning experience. Thank you for all the hard labor you put into to make things easier for us." Dr M., MD from Bangladesh.

"I attended the Ethics/Epidemiology course this past week - it was excellent! I will be coming in on Saturday as well for the upcoming class that will be held! Overall, the prep is going very well!" Irina-MD from EU

"Focused on the exam, targeted on exam material. It was great , I wish I could have found it earlier" Dr. Ady S-Indonesia

"High yield topics covered/great review, very interactive" "A great instructor!" MK-Syria

"The instructor and the entire team is very friendly. The method of teaching is very effective" Dr. SA -Iran

"High yield" Dr. AG-Pakistan

"Your class is always full of concepts and mnemonics that will hopefully InshaAllah stay in our mind. Thanks for the work you put into it to make it interesting and easy. Thanks again." Dr. T from Pakistan, QE1 course

"That's great news! Congratulations. You work so hard to help people realize their dreams". Navreet-IMG from India

"Covered the main topics and outlined the course amazingly. Also liked the mnemonics" Dr. M-Tanzania

"Intensive, covered a lot of topics in 2 days" Dr. TL-Russia

"Excellent review of high yield CDM topics and approach. Very useful for tackling this difficult part of the exam. Dr. MM-Canada

"Summary of each topic and presentation of ideas was excellent" Dr. Igor Poland

"Quick review.Concise and covered the major topics for the exam""- Dr. MK-Libya

"Liked the organization and content! Thanks a lot Dr Lori for your support and making such a comprehensive and explicit course available. I arrived in Saskatoon safely. I will like to know if you offer ultrasound training course and also QE 2 courses.It was worth the travel. Dr. ST- Nigeria-came all the way from Saskatchewan

Congratulations. You work so hard to help people realize their dreams.`` Navreet IMG from India

“Fantastic review for Ethics and Epidemiology!” Dr. IH Poland

“Difficult concepts made simple, straightforward.Great precision and accuracy”- Statistics course Dr. GH-Syria

“Ethics and statistics was taught in a very clear, interactive and simplified manner. I feel more confident about both topics. Dr. Silverman’s ethics for interview was excellent as well. Dr. SA-Bangladesh

Testimonials clinical research course
" I actually applied to the job u sent me and was hired. I really appreciate ur help." Dr. Safa, IMG from Jordan
"Amazing!! Thanks Dr. Silverman for your help! He's the head of the ALS clinic at Sunnybrook.They emailed me yesterday saying that they are keen on getting me on the team." Dr. Adrienne, IMG from Indonesia 
"Thanks  for your kindness and support, I got the job with the complex case management doctors!" Dr. Butaina form Libya
"Your help is very much appreciated, Dr. Sara MD from Iran
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