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PROGRAM COST (in Canadian dollars)

Fees for Canadian and American students

The 92 credit program cost

  • Tuition fee $18,912 course fee (payment is scheduled in montly installments)

  • Application fee $200 is non-refundable

Individual course fees

  • Course fee $788 due on the first day of each course

  •  Application fee $100 is non-refundable.

The credit transfer fee

  • $25/course 

Transcript fee

  • $20 per copy  Transcripts are issued directly to institutions or to the student (with the mention issued to student).

Application advising

  • $ 1,000 

Fees for international students

The 92 credit program cost

  • Tuition fee $23,000 and students must pay the entire fee prior to receiving the acceptance letter.

  • Application fee $200  is non-refundable

The credit transfer fee 

  • $ 100/per course 

Transcript fee

  •  $ 50/per copy

Application advising for professional schools

  • $ 1,000  if students are from English speaking countries

  • $ 3,000  if students are from non-English countries 

Refund Policy:

If the student withdraws before the program begins, a penalty fee of $500 applies.

If the student attends the program during the first 6 months of the semester and withdraws or is expelled after the program commences, upon notice of cancellation, he/she is entitled to refund minus $500. The fees paid for the portion of the program that has been delivered are non-refundable.

No refund is offered if the student withdraws or is expelled after 6 months have passed since registration.

Visa denial or student’s inability to enter Canada refunds for international students are subject to a $500 administrative fee. The official acceptance letter and visa refusal have to be sent to our office prior to refund.

Refunds have to be paid  within 30 days after a student gives notice that he/she is withdrawing from the program or receives notice that he/she is being expelled.  

Partner medical schools fees

Please refer to their websites for details. The majority of our partner medical school are OSAP eligible, and many have private bank arrangement loans in place for Canadian students (Royal Bank, CIBC, TD Canada Trust) as well as scholarships.

Financial Aid

  • Out of Province Studies- Canada CanLearn

  • New Immigrant Student Loan Programs

  • Lifelong Learning Plan 

  • Registered Education Savings Plans (RESP)
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