Medical school advising​​

So you have decided you want to pursue a career as medical doctor? This is one of the most competitive admission process in North America and worldwide. At times the process might seem overwhelming and it requires thorough preparation and strategic planning ahead of time. Let us guide you to success! We will evaluate your chances of admission and create a strategy for various medical schools.

We will help you along the way with feedback on your CV and offer you over 40 projects that can enhance it. We will guide you along your path to becoming a physician with each and every component of your application from helping you craft your personal statement to getting the best reference letters, from mastering the secondary essays to MCAT referral, from interview practice to extracurricular activities.

For over 20 years we offered personalized advice to countless high school, undergraduate, graduate students, postdocs and other professionals  to get admission into leading medical school and launch their medical career. Learn for yourself why we are the number one medical school advising firm in Canada!

We offer a comprehensive application planning and preparation for Canadian, American, and International medical schools:

  • Evaluation of your credentials and academic and nonacademic record and create personalized strategies for improvement to be competitive for medical school
  • Advise you on programs, course selection and sequence to maximize your GPA, fulfill prerequisite and graduation requirements, and better prepare you for MCAT
  • Identify the right MD or MD/PhD program(s) for you (admission criteria, prerequisite requirements, MCAT score, culture, match rates, rotations and internships, hospital rankings, curriculum, faculty and research, grading policy, class profile and size, campus setting, location, tuition cost living expenses, teaching environment) 
  • Create a comprehensive list of medical school to apply based on an in depth objective evaluation of your candidacy, strength, and objectives
  • Comprehensive analysis, review, and editing of application
  • Tailor your application for your chosen schools that best fit you and your goals
  • Analysis of CV, references for those who did not receive interview invitation and individualized strategy to improve (see details below)
  • Personal statement review 
  • Enhance your applicant profile to showcase your unique qualities and achievements
  • Recommendation of scholarships, work, and extracurricular activities that will enhance your profile (see our extracurricular activities subpage)
  • Guidance in finding research opportunities
  • CV/resume review (see CV and resume page)
  • Personal statements review and customized editing (see statement page)
  • Recommendation of referees and evaluation and editing of reference letters 
  • Mock medical interview and coaching(Panel, MPI and MMI)
  • CASPer preparation and mock run
  • MCAT prep course timing, referral and preferred rate discount for our clients 
  • Medical career guidance
  • Medical school boot camp
  • 1 year pre-med program with direct admission to med school
  • High school to med school coaching
  • Medical school summer camp
We enhance your applicant profile through 40 projects to showcase your unique qualities and achievements.

Our expert consultants will help you create a glorious application that will clearly demonstrate your interest in medicine and at the same time showcase your previous experiences, research, involvement with student groups, conferences participations, publications, committee and leadership work, interests and volunteer activities that show your involvement in your community. We will help you present what makes you unique and turn your compliant application into a spectacular one in this highly competitive process.

In general your medical school application consists of your undergraduate transcript, MCAT scores, personal statement, letters of references, recommendations, as well as an application fee. Some schools request an autobiographical sketch, short essays, a CASPer test, etc.

We work with students at all stages of application process. However, medical school application preparation should start as soon as age 16 if you are among the lucky students who knew for ever that med school was their career choice. It is a long term commitment that requires years of arduous preparation. An excellent GPA, a very high MCAT score, a great application, outstanding personal statement/essays, glowing letters of reference, and a stellar interview performance are the key ingredients of admission to medical school. Let us help you craft the best application and guide you to success! 

Reapplication advising

The competition for medical school is getting tougher each year. Only a small fraction of applicants are successful after their first try. With our comprehensive, early on strategy we take pride in being the academic consulting company with most successful first time applicants.
We offer a detailed, all inclusive analysis of what went wrong and plan for future steps to increase chances of success next time around. It is time to take action including:
  • detailed personalized reapplication plan
  • rewriting of your personal statement and essays
  • postbac and grad school advising
  • gap year planning
  • assessment of ways to improve your MCAT and GPA
  • assessment of your CV, activities, and application
  • analysis of your reference letter strength
  • assessment of your interview performance
  • creating of realistic school list
  • back-up options
  • strategies for a successful reapplication and ways to make real improvement in your application
  • change of school application, or focus on an alternative field in the healthcare industry or elsewhere (plan B)
  • advise on a gap/bridge year when you can engage in a meaningful paid or volunteer medically related experience, extracurricular activities, research, tutoring, study exchange, or a global medical trip that will show your commitment to and interest in the medical field and make your application stronger when you apply again
  • assess if your clinical experience and references had enough impact and suggest ways to improve them
  • advice on additional courses to improve your GPA and prep courses to increase your MCAT score

Career Alternatives in Health Care/Back-up options
Depending on your motivation to apply for medical school (intellectual stimulation, dedication to helping others, prestige, income, because my parents want me) we will help you create your exit strategy in case none of the above alternatives work for you. For those whose driving force is a passion for health care there are many medically related careers such as Doctor of Osteopathy, Chiropractor, Physician’s Assistant, Naturopathic Medicine, Nurse Practitioner, Dietitian, Physical and Occupational therapy, Psychology, Optometry, Speech-language pathology, Genetic counseling, Forensic Science, etc. We can help you explore these careers and prepare your application.​

Fees: $100 per hour of review and editing of your application -it takes in average 1.5 hours
            $100 per hour for CASPer preparation and mock run

Let us help you create a winning application! Our detailed editing and comments will help you refine your application to perfection! You can book an on site session or send us your drafts electronically in confidentiality via email and receive our comments and recommendations for improvement electronically.

Your successful roadmap with us from application to medical school student

You will work with us from the start to design a strategic personalized plan to succeed in your medical school admissions. We will start by assessing your strength and weaknesses and work with you to create the application that will make the best impression possible on the admission committee.
Creating the best application takes a lot of thinking, work and skills to highlight your most important and relevant experiences and make a case for your acceptance. All along this journey you will receive personal coaching on all aspects of application process, detailed feedback and suggestions to improve, support in reach those goals, unparalleled resources, and answers to all your questions.
Last year of high school

  • Enrol in our mini med school summer camp
  • Familiarize yourself with medical school application services such as Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OMSAS) and American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) and the requirements for application
  • Research pre-medical school curricula and joint, dual, and combined-degree programs
  • Meet with us to create a personalized program choice and decide the undergraduate program and courses you will join 
  • Most students prefer to enrol in a pre-med program that prepares them well for MCAT components such as biology, anatomy, physiology, chemistry, physics
  • Non-traditional students such as those in arts, psychology, engineering bring an interesting profile and have equal chances if properly coached
  • Prepare your CV with all your activities since age 16 and have it edited by us
  • ​Engage in the activities  to prepare you to be competitive from the start (see our High school to med school page)

First year undergraduate

  • Consult us to explore courses, and faculty you need to cultivate relationships with for reference letters, identify tutoring, extracurricular and leadership activities, research and community service opportunities, etc.
  • Meet with us to recommend meaningful clinical experiences, shadowing, and other medically related activities
  • Meet with us to discuss research opportunities and scholarship applications and improve your performance
  • Meet with us to create an application plan and a wish list of schools you want to apply, decide on the timing of your application, and make sure you have all requirements covered
  • Study hard to get the best GPA

Second year undergraduate

  • Consult with us to analyze your first year progress, transcripts, review your extracurricular activities and make suggestions of improvement and fill in the gaps
  • Strategize about your application timeline, MCAT
  • We will advise you on remaining premedical coursework and other school-specific degree requirements
  • Cultivate relationships and continue (or start) to engage in meaningful activities with those who will write your reference letters
  • Continue your clinical, research, leadership, extracurricular activities and have increased roles
  • Study hard to get the best GPA
  • Apply to those med schools that do not require MCAT or at least 3 years of undergraduate studies

Third year undergraduate

  • Meet with us to identify the best time for you to take the MCAT exam and take a few free courses we suggest to see which prep company best fits you
  • Discuss with us letters of references 
  • Full consultation on your CV, GPA, MCAT scores to review your performance to date and determine the schools where to apply
  • Register for and take the MCAT exam in the summer
  • Prepare with us for your CASPer test and take it in the fall if you apply to McMaster
  • Complete third year premedical coursework and other school specific degree requirements
  • Continue your clinical, research, leadership, extracurricular activities and have increased roles
  • Meet with us to review your applications
  • Apply to US schools in the summer and to Canadian schools in the fall

Fourth year undergraduate
  • Meet with us to identify if you need to retake your MCAT and discuss with us letters of references 
  • Full consultation on your CV, GPA, MCAT scores and review your performance to date and determine the schools where to apply successfully
  • Register for and take the MCAT exam in the summer
  • Complete fourth year premedical coursework and other school specific degree requirements
  • Meet with us to review your applications
  • Apply to US schools in the summer and to Canadian schools in the fall
  • Complete supplementary application and have it edited by us
  • Continue your clinical, research, leadership, extracurricular activities and have increased roles
  • Prepare for your interviews and campus visits at medical schools using our proven success methods
  • Familiarize yourself with acceptance procedures 
  • Continue your studies, clinical and research experiences, and leadership and volunteer work
  • Complete degree requirements and graduate

You received hopefully one or more letter of acceptance! Congratulations! Time to celebrate!

  • Decide the medical school choice and notify those you will not attend
  • Ensure that all financial aid forms are completed and submitted 
  • Purchase books and make appropriate living arrangements if your school is in another city or country
  • Attend orientation programs and matriculate into your medical school
                                                   Good luck as a fresh medical student!
MCAT test

The Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) tests your ability to understand basic concepts in medicine in your future studies. Each medical school has a certain cut off MCAT score. You will need to have basic scientific knowledge in biology and organic chemistry, physics and be skilled at reading comprehension and writing. An MCAT preparation class, independent study, or additional classes in areas in which you perform less than expected can  help you reach the targeted score.

US schools put a great deal of emphasis on this test and some offer preferred interview invitation to those with outstanding scores. The test is offered several times each year and you should time your study time with MCAT preparation for the best result. Most students take the test in the summer of the second or third year.

We will help you decide when is best to take the test and refer you to prep courses that will improve your performance. 

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