Committees place a heavy emphasis on the personal statement, it is a central and vital part of your application that allows you to showcase your qualities and highlight your enthusiasm for your chosen field. Program directors use the personal statement to differentiate between candidates with similar stats.

One challenge of the personal statement is that you have to write a lot of information in a limited frame, while at the same time aiming to stand out from the other applicants. Our consultants never use templates and refine your draft to perfection, focusing it into an engaging and powerful piece of prose. Let us help you to stand out from the crowd! 

We offer:
  • selection of key inspirational stories, major experiences and outstanding achievements from your CV that you need to include in the personal statement in order to write a convincing, impressive, well written, eloquent essay
  • removal of the activities and experiences that have low impact
  • editing (format, grammar, and style) of your draft to a final polished version that stands out
  • tailoring of versions for various schools  

Reference letters for residency
High quality effective reference letters are some of the most important parts of your residency application. Generally you will need between 3 and 5 reference letters for various programs. Your referees have to write glowing, supportive letters that will differentiate yourself from the other applicants and reflects your professionalism and competence.

We will guide you in selecting the referees that will add the most value to your application, assembling the documents needed to support your reference letter and create drafts that will help your referee touch upon the most important features that need to be showcased in the reference letter. If you are involved in our projects we can write a reference letter for you as well as will help you network in the biomedical community.​ 

Fees $100 per hour of one on one consultation, review and editing of your statement and references (it takes in average 1 h for statement or 2 references review)

You can book an on site session or send us your drafts electronically in confidentiality via email and receive our comments and recommendations for improvement electronically. We provide our expert guidance to clients from Canada, USA, and overseas.  

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